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Hello, MAAC Juniors and parents! We're looking forward to a New Year of fun, bi-weekly training sessions with Coaches Victoria and Steve, as well as lots of kids' races that many of you will compete in. Weekly coaching sessions for members age seven to 18 take place in the Arboretum, Devonshire on Tuesdays (4p to 5p with Coach Victoria) and Fridays (4:15p to 5p with Coach Steve). Bring a drink! Prompt dropoff and pickup of children is requested. 

If you want to join the Club, complete your online registration for MAAC Juniors coached sessions at The fee is $75 (not included in a regular MAAC Club family membership). MAAC Juniors membership runs September 1, 2012 through Aug 31, 2013. You can enter most local races via the racedayworld site also.

Don't forget: Keep checking your PB against standards listed in the PB Awards section of this website and contact Rose Jones ( if you reach Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze levels. Awards are presented annually.


MAAC Juniors turned in some awesome performances at the Fairmont Juniors 3K Race January 6. Placing second overall and first among 11 & 12 year old boys was Alex Pilgrim in a blistering time of 9:12. He was followed in that group by Max de ste Croix (9:55), Jude Moseley (10:04), Cameron de ste Croix (10:52), Gabriel Jones (11:22) and Tyler Kelly (11:49). Owen Neal (10:01) placed third among boys 13 to 15. Other top performers included Tommy Marshall (10:34), Nicholas Pilgrim (10:42), Charlie Riker (10:54), Alex Southern (11:11), Rudi Hammond (11:20), Trent Harris (11:50), Louis Hamond (12:05), Finn Moseley (12:34) in 8 to 10 boys; Jessie Marshall (10:34), Tilda Norman (12:08), Brianna Mawer (12:52) and Eilidh Redmond (14:30) in Girls 8 to 10, and Lynsey Palmer (9:49), Alyssa Rowse (10:45), Laura Hope (11:00), Rebecca Harrison (11:39) and Kerry Palmer (13:42) in 11 & 12 girls. 

Congratulations to all our MAAC Juniors for their superb performances in December's KPMG Front Street Mile Trials. Among Primary Girls, Jessie Marshall placed second (6:20), followed by Tilda Norman (7:03), Brianna Mawer (7:18), Eilidh Redmond (7:59) and Lindsay Mawer (8:05). In Primary Boys, Nick Pilgrim placed second (6:03), followed by Jack Harvey (6:18), Charlie Riker (6:24), Rudi Hammond (6:28), Alex Southern (6:36), Viggo Jabon (6:38), Tom Peckett (6:48), Finn Moseley (6:49), Tommy Marshall (6:51), Louis Hammond (6:55), and Kyle George (7:11). Among Middle School Girls, Lynsey Palmer (5:51:1) and Ashley Irby (5:51:6) claimed the top two spots, followed by Alyssa Rowse (6:04), Laura Hope (6:15:1)), Emma Harvey (6:15:3), Rebecca Harrison (6:17), Kerry Palmer (6:27), and Victoria Davis (6:47). In Middle School Boys, Alex Pilgrim was second (5:37), followed by Max De Ste Croix (5:50), Jude Moseley (6:02), Owen Neal (6:03), Cameron De Ste Croix (6:11), Tyler Kelly (6:40), Gabriel Jones (6:47) and Angus Betts (7:10). The KPMG Front Street Mile happens Friday, January 18, starting at 7p. Good luck to all competitors!